Message from Jack

Hello, I posted a message last week regarding a group healing. Here is the feedback from "Jack The Watcher" regarding the healing, how it was accomplished and what transpired. I pray that when opportunities present themselves for healing or any other work of a spiritual nature you listen to your heart and take advantage of what is being offered. This healing was FREE. All it required was your time and commitment. So, like the old rap song says "You can Get with THIS, or You can get with THAT. You can get with this, cause this is where it's at!" Be blessed in this New Year of 2013. We are counting on you to PAY ATTENTION. It is more important than you realize (just like you are)! Michelle Thanks to All of You for participating in our first “official” group healing entitled: “Group Healing One” The Energy of Group Healing One will be available to Any and All until the new moon on January 11, 2013. All one needs to do is simply connect through intention to the energy of Group Healing One to release the energy of betrayal and imprint Trust. You can do this multiple times and even ask to be connected while you sleep. Intend also that the animals that dwell within your vicinity be able to connect to this energy. This message can be forwarded as any who intend now on connecting with this energy will benefit... So much happened but I will give you a synopsis of what occurred from our vantage point. In order to create any real change, our group needed to have at least 100 participants and we far surpassed that goal. Jean began by recording all of your names on graph paper, ( Jean knows by now not to question my obscure requests.) and placed your names on an orgonite charging plate within a chamber of orgonite. This “healing chamber” served to connect us All and to elevate our frequencies, beginning the healing process. Jean began energetically working on the Group on Friday 12/28 and she continued to send energy that was directed by me until well after 3pm EST on 1/1/13. Anyone who fell asleep was not doing so because they were tired, it was because they needed to be escorted to the 5th dimension to receive either a download of information or a healing or both from the other worldly beings that they resonate with. I knew that many were to make contact with other worldly beings which could only occur if Trust was introduced. Jean and I also declared “Dominion” over all of the participants in Group Healing One which opened the door for beings of the highest frequency to step in to release any residual dark energy that existed within our Group. Gaia was also present and She released a tremendous amount of dense energy through ALL of you into the black hole that exists within the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The energy of betrayal was released into this black hole and returned as Trust into all of you, as well as the Earth. One thing I want to mention and I will speak in more detail about this in my upcoming message, was that many of you released one of the core “Encodements of Hypocrisy” which is “Please don’t make me eat animals.” An explanation of these codes is lengthy but I trust that you can imagine the positive implications of releasing this particular energy. Beginning on December 28, 2012 your energy began to shift. We opened your energy fields and began to calibrate your chakras(energy centers) to accommodate the higher frequencies that would be introduced. Energy was released within and around your beings until 1/1/13 and will continue until the new moon on 1/11/13. Following the energetic release was the emotional release and this is when you would have/will notice something real has occurred. Fear, anger, doubt, shame and many other emotions and thoughts connected to betrayal began or will soon begin to surface. Allow these energies to pass unabated. You may or have experienced an energy low as your body needs to re- adjust to the increase in frequency. For those of you who feel or think you experienced nothing, I can only lend you my assurance you were indeed positively impacted by consciously committing to participating in this event. Keep in mind that this event may not have been about You directly, but instead directed to the animals who dwell with or around you. Everyone and Everything who participated in this event played a vital role whether they consciously realize it or not. I want you all to know that we made great strides this day for each of You as well as for our Planet. You are All are to be commended for your participation. Gaia, Other Worldly Beings, Jean and I send you All Love and Gratitude for participating! Much Love, Jack