Merry Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is the best time to go to court, avoid a ticket (except DUI) and get away with a little extra at work. Mostly everyone is happy. Since my children are adults, I am overjoyed that I now can spend my time looking for presents for me, me and ME! James St. Clair Joking aside, with no pressure associated with the holiday season, I am free to bake, clean, cook, and party to my heart's content. This year, most of my gifts had already been purchased before Thanksgiving, a major feat for me. I have been blessed this year in getting all my "needs" accomplished in a timely manner, and in my favor. Thank you GOD for the blessings and challenges of 2015. Some of you will remember the challenges of my baby sister. I am happy to report she has amazed her doctors and is doing splendidly. In fact, she is a rock star! I am SO Glad she will be here this Christmas! Thank you so much for visiting my site. May you be blessed, this Christmas Day and every day. God loves EACH of us. Remember that in the good and especially in the bad times. Merry Christmas! Thanks Saint, for letting me use your Divine Night image!