Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Joyous Kwanza! Tis the holiday season and though my holiday season is not as joyous as usual, it IS still Christmas and music, food and great company has a way to pick up my spirits, in spite of. I have received daily Hanukkah messages which have been amazingly insightful and full of spiritual inspiration. The messages I have received in the last week let me know that 2015 will be better. It will be better because I will be better, stronger, more focused and dedicated to doing what is mine to do. merry christmas What is YOURS to do? Do you know? The time is fast approaching when the fence sitting will be over. All hands are needed on deck. Your hands, heart and commitment are needed by your community, friends and family, not just family alone. Thank you for reading my site as I go into my fourth year! You are my Christmas gift, thank you for being here! Enjoy your holiday week! I will be back before New Year's! Blessings, love and light from my family to yours, however you choose to celebrate! Please enjoy this flash mob courtesy of the United States Air Force. Wish they would have flashed us the last time we visited the Smithsonian!