Love, Loss and Redemption- Does This Mean Anything To You?

Hello! Legend (Ridley Scott starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara)  is one of my all time Favorite movies. When recently asked what it was about, what I said was it was about the finding of one’s self- which it is. Really, it is about dispelling the Illusions of who YOU think you are. The more powerful messages are Love, LOSS and Redemption (of yourself).

Love is all there IS. It is all this life is about. It is about us remembering the love from which we came, the love that gives us breath and the love that supports and sustains us even when we cannot see clear to the next Minute. Life is LOVE! Life is JOY! WE as 3rd dimensional humans have created most (but not all) of the drama and tragedy in our lives.

Loss- the drama and tragedy. Without loss, you will never know what you can accomplish. This is not to say you Can’t accomplish without Loss, however LOSS creates a strength of character that will and can propel you to heights you would have never imagined had the loss never occurred. Loss wrenches open your heart, it rips out your guts. It hurts because for most people PAIN is how they LEARN.  Think of a child with a hot stove. They only have to touch the stove once to always remember it will burn.  Same as for most of us. We only learn when we are burned.

Being “burned” teaches us to Pay Attention! To pay attention to our gut, hunches and intuitions. Loss is a major tool of learning to be MORE! Being hurt teaches us to value ourselves, our feelings and desires. That, we too, are important and to be valued, by ourselves and by others.

Redemption (Merriam Webster): the act of making something better or more acceptable; in Christianity : the act of saving people from sin and evil. Sin is not a word I like- too much judgment. Evil exists. Nuff said. I personally don’t feel you can “save” anyone not willing to save their selves. God does and will love you all ways- in all ways and without judgement.

Redemption occurs only after loss or a major mistake. It is a BIG DEAL. It is you taking responsibility for what YOU have done. Nothing on this planet is as powerful.  It is you understanding, forgiving and showing love to yourself for things that maybe someone else will not forgive you for. Redemption is not about words. ONLY deeds can bring true redemption. It is like a person who feels the need to tell you they are Christian. Their ACTS will define their religious beliefs. Words are hollow and empty.

Live your life and walk your talk. Just think, we have been given the free will to mess up, straighten up and then SOAR!  Please don’t take this gift for granted. NOW is the time to seek to be and do MORE!  All else will follow in due course. Trust you are on the right path. You are!

I included a link to the theme song of Legend. Hauntingly beautiful, the words are also worth a listen.

Loved By The Sun

by Tangerine Dream vocals by Jon Anderson

Enjoy! Thanks for reading and Listening!