Love is an action WORD

Saw Susan E. Taylor last week. She spoke at a thank you reception for church members who have and are volunteering to assist in getting and keeping Baltimore school children in school. While her direct foundation does focus on mentoring, her main message was one of active community involvement, especially from our churches. Maybe I have read way to many of her In The Spirit essays, or maybe what she believes is what I believe. Churches, REAL churches must do more to assist and uplift our communities. Activities need not be focused just on members, as that is not what Jesus asked of us. What Jesus asked is that we look out for our brother (as our self), and love each other. No way are we loving each other with the amount of homeless and hungry children, right here in Baltimore. The same city that has a church on EVERY SINGLE corner. So, what I ask of those who use all day Sunday to Praise God is to put that praise to work. For you will be judged by your ACTIONS as well as your inaction. While it may not be up to you to raise or assist every child in your community, I am sure you can help just one. Helping just one is what is being asked. LOVE is God’s work in action. Are you ready and willing to do what God really wants you to do? Thanks for reading! Michelle