Listen To Your Mother Baltimore, 2015

I have not had the opportunity to share my reading ensemble experience with Listen To Your Mother, so I will do so now. Having just reviewed the gorgeous pictures from Jen Snyder Photo, I was filled with both gratitude and appreciation for our entire team. Jen is an alumna from the 2014 Listen To Your Mother family. Now, we have collectively joined the entire family around the United States. Listen To Your Mother, Michelle D. Smtih The past three months have brought many changes to my personal life. My baby sister Patty had a MASSIVE heart attack on March 18, 2015, one that caused her leg to be amputated and the right side of her heart to no longer function. Listen To Your Mother, Michelle D. Smith This was just days after our first meeting and rehearsal. Yet, this group of amazing women lifted me and my family in prayer, light and love and have sustained that loving energy. Patty is still in the hospital and not yet out of the woods. Today, however, I know there are miracles, we have witnessed several with Patty's continued and amazing ability to bounce back. Please keep Patty and my family in your prayers. We all were presented with a different kind of challenge with the Baltimore riots. During the unrest, Anne Mathe created friendship bracelets for each of us. We took this picture right before we walked on stage. Listen to Your Mother Baltimore The Listen To Your Mother experience taught me, a person who never thought of myself as being afraid what actual fear is -speaking in front of a large group of people who purchased tickets in support of both the women and the basic premise of the show. The premise is, we, as humans are far more alike then we are different and it is time we recognize and acknowledge this as fact. This play could not have taken place without the love, dedication, grace and sheer determination of Taya Dunn Johnson and Arlene Jackson. Both have been spiritual warriors on behalf of any of us when it was needed. Their light, sense of humor and stern guidance gave us the wind we needed to take flight. I must say, if you have the opportunity next year to attend in your city, please TAKE IT! If you would like to check out Listen To Your Mother, Baltimore please click on the link. Taya Dunn Johnson, Arlene Jackson, Jen Synder, Listen To Your Mother Baltimore There will ALWAYS be haters and bigots. These are small, narrow minded people who simply MUST have someone to look down upon in order to feel they are "special". We are ALL SPECIAL. Wake up and pay attention to what your gift is. There is an entire world waiting for YOU! Time to get to work! As always, thanks for reading! Michelle