Light BLAST!

Jayme Price has shared a wonderful message. The Weekly Light Blast April 20, 2013 by Jayme Price Discerning Many have been separated from their discernment through guilt, doubt and control. When you have the Fortitude to trust yourself, you are strong in your discernment, focused in your choice and flowing in your ability to create in this dimension. Yet that does not preclude you from sharing life with others on equal ground. As you participate in life fully, you are utilizing your Discerning mind to allow the flow of your connective heart. You are a full system of interpretation that is capable of receiving information from your surroundings, incorporating the information with your internal preference, then choosing how you will emit/share/create with the world around you. Life continues.

Your Discernment is a powerful tool. Do not let it be diminished for fear that you are judging, understand the difference and choose. The difference, which is mere semantics, is in your reaction to another or a situation. If you find that your creative ability is dependent upon not allowing another to create freely, then you are in the negative expression of judgment (or discernment). You need not control another. Utilize your creative power. Activate your creational abilities. Choose! Become a dominant influence in your life that doesn’t dominate over, but participates boldly with. Influence your surroundings with your perspective, your Light and your choice. Your choice, the subtle information you emit, begins the shift in the field of response which is Life.

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