Let's Talk About Stupidity!

Hello, "The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness, and Common Sense." ~ Thomas A. Edison (thanks Fran)

Ask anyone who knows me. Stupidity IRKS me. It is still the one thing that will make my brain steam.  For me, it has something to do with the willful ability to disregard FACTS. If FACTS are  not important, than why bother with an education. If all that matters is an "opinion" we are wasting money on school and we should be ashamed for forcing our children to endure those 16 years of ????

My definition of stupidity is to knowingly ignore what IS TRUE! Really simple- really easy to understand- for most of us. And NO, this is not Judgement- I too get to have an opinion!

While it is not politically correct and certainly not spiritual in any sense of the word- stupid people exist. My calling them stupid does not make them stupid. What makes them stupid is their steadfast belief in anything that defies common sense, that flies against age old wisdom.  It is a hurtful word, yes, but really, why am I to blame for calling some people stupid. What would you have me call them?

They are not mentally challenged, though they may be mentally lazy. To lazy to pick up a book, to lazy to visit a library, to lazy to investigate the FACTS- Remember- "Just the Facts Ma'am?"

So, my rant continues......

Hopefully, I can share some spiritual material with you this week. I need it more than you do! What has gone on in the last week has almost unhinged my brain.

Thanks for reading and for once again, for letting a sister rant!