Let's Talk About Our Future!

Hello, Sharing yet another gem from Fran’s Quotes of the Day.

"The future which we hold in trust for our own children will be shaped by our fairness to other people`s children."

~Marian Wright Edelman

Wow! What an amazing concept. Just THINK for a minute. If we really, REALLY lived with just this ONE Thought in mind, religion would never be an issue. Race would never be an issue, How much money you make would never be an issue! This is what the protests are about. Being fair to EVERYONE! Not just a select few, ALL of us are children of God. WE all have a right to share in the bounty of this beautiful planet. It is our birthright- given to us by GOD and no man will have the final word on this – not this time!

It angers me to hear people talk about “those who pay no taxes” That is a flat out, bald face lie. You know why? Even if  you file your taxes and you get a refund - YOU paid taxes during the entire year. Taxes are withheld from everyone’s paycheck. ALL pay taxes, some pay enough in other expenses to get their tax money back (think exceptions for children, money for college and mortgage interest). In no way should this be considered a derogatory thing unless you have no brain cells(stupid). And, unfortunately for us, so many people believe every single thing they are told.

Judgment- yes and I am well aware of that. I have asked for forgiveness, but have not yet achieved a space where this BS will be considered OK!

Thanks for reading and for letting me rant!