Lets Heal Our Money "Issues" Part IV

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I AM Speaks:  Choose Your Thoughts Received by Laura Goldman Weinberg ===================================================

Choose Your Thoughts ____________________

You are the creator of your destiny. You have the power of thought. Choose the Highest Good for yourself. Choose happiness. Choose health. Choose prosperity. Choose joy. Choose Me.

Sometimes you may feel that you have no choice in your life, but you do. You have the choice of thought. Choose carefully.

If you feel lonely and unloved, choose the Truth within yourself. I AM Love. Let Me fill your emptiness. If you feel lack, choose Abundance. I AM the Source of All Good. If you feel disease, choose Wholeness. I AM the Healing Force within you. If you feel restless or anxious, choose Me. I AM Peace. And that is the Truth within you. For you are Me. You have the power to change your world. Make your choice. Choose the Highest for yourself.

Live your life in My Name. You have the conscious control to choose your thoughts. Life goes around and around, cycle after cycle, until you find the key to Eternal Happiness. I AM the key. Turn your thoughts to Me.

Laura Goldman Weinberg

Laura Goldman Weinberg is multi-talented and multi-creative. She is a poet, songwriter, artist, writer, lover of dance, and a Laughter Yoga leader. Her art, songs, and writings are universal, recognizing the oneness everywhere. She has won poetry awards, a songwriter contest, published a song with Unity Church, and has shown and sold her art. Laura is continually creating in order to inspire and uplift the world. Through her many works, she expresses the joys of life and prays for the peace and unity of all. Laura Weinberg