Knowing when it is time to Move Forward

The Universe has a funny way of making a point – or (for those of us who know), help you get the message Loud and CLEAR! I offered Free Angel Card readings the last 10 days or so in September. They were not really “free” as I had requested all who Choose to participate to write a review in exchange for receiving the $25 reading. I must admit, I was stressing over those who did NOT honor that request, even though I did truly appreciate all who did offer their reviews. Well, in our final class, we were advised that we would “know” when it is time to STOP giving the readings away. We were also advised we would know when it was time to give ourselves a raise! My computer refused, I say REFUSED to allow me access on Wednesday, September 25, 2013. Coincidentally, that is also my beloved Grandfather’s birthday. No problem, I thought since I was going away on Friday to return on Thursday, October 3, 2013. The day my readings would be LIVE. Needless to say, the glitches were not quite finished. My computer was not here yesterday. I had already accepted I be without a computer over the weekend, but was awakened at 9am by the doorbell. My tech savant had asked his uncle to bring my computer to me! YES! But, not so fast. ALL of my documents for the last 2 years are GONE. Vanished into techno heaven (or hell). I really hope I have taken care of all my important business because access to my documents I saved STILL will not open. This has been so frustrating. I was able to recreate my angel card templates (thank you Lord). I am STILL in the process of recreating my bookmarked pages (some of those will never be found again), resetting my passwords (as one of the docs I lost access to IS my password file), I gather there will be more that I have yet to reclaim. The best news, I can still access my blog because I am still getting requests! Thanks so much, for if not for the constant interaction, I would be LOST! Appreciate you reading. Enjoy your weekend. Namaste