Kiss From A Rose

Hello, While this is not a normal "theme" of this blog, I am making an exception to my own rule. I don't usually pay much attention to the latest "Hollywood rumor", have way to much on my plate to worry about what is going on with whomever.  But I felt pained when I heard that Seal and Heidi were separating.  Real pain..

While I knew this would be a year of parting of ways for many, this couple never crossed my radar. Not one to get into the Hollywood “scene”, I always felt these two were blessed with Grace, something rare and precious.  I am also a realist as opposed to a romantic. Yet, the love these two had/have for each other actually radiated, engulfing both of them in light and love. That sounds romantic, but it was as I saw this couple- both glowing and in love.

Sad the day when this kind of love dies, makes you wonder….

Just my take- enjoy another of my favorite songs.

Much Love,


Kiss From A Rose

Kiss From A Rose- lyrics