July's Focus Is On All Aspects of Healing

Hello, Got some great information to share with you regarding Healing! There is work to be done and the place to start is with yourself.

This is a Five Part Series, and will be released every other day for the next week or so.

Please take notes, or copy as needed. As I stated before, there is WORK to be Done!

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Part I

“The Father of all has set all events upon your planet to take place at set times.  Within this framework, humankind has had Free Will to experience life as they wished.  Wars have erupted over religious points of view, as well as from greed.  Nevertheless, God’s Plan for His creation is still on target, and humankind is working with that Plan as it becomes more and more apparent. The time has come that the Children of God become able to change all of the negative factors that rule your societies and create a better world.  When human beings inherit the full power to heal themselves of physical and mental ailments, the dark forces who act as the second part of the God-created duality on your world will loose their dominion over humanity by controlling their physical beings and mental egos.  Even if there is a population of those who have less food or money than they need, the threat of physical illness or starvation will have been dissolved, worry and resentment will fade away as perfect health presents the better incentive to find other ways and places to live in more desirable situations.  Wars will become obsolete as humankind rejects the concept of harming others, from the utter futility of it.  This will not erase greed, of course, for the desire to “have it all” will increase in the young.

As the population grows older, however, the realization that gathering “things” has no real meaning.  Men and women will live longer, of course, and some will choose at first to live “forever”. As time wears on and intellect increases, it will become clear that this small orb in space has serious limitations and the yearning to return “home” will send the immortals fleeing back to the Love and Peace of the spiritual kingdom.

by: Ruth Ryden

Part II will post on July 1o, 2011

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