Jeshua Speaks and 11/11/11 message

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog again. I have so MUCH to share before the 11/11/11 worldwide event next Friday. Please use your personal discernment as to what feels comfortable for you to do. However, since YOU are on THIS BLOG, please do something! The messages this week will be much longer than usual, simply because I do not have time to break them up as I normally do.

Add your positive energies, prayers and visions for our planet- what you desire for yourself as manifested in and for ALL others. I will be up at 6:11am EST to meditate- that is 11:11am GMT. Join me or find any of a host of other opportunities to grow, share and expand the love and light on this, our home neighborhood, country and planet! You should be feeling the pace of these energies already, if not you Will be!


Much LOVE,


Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day

Beloved one, first you look at challenges from the human perspective, then from the place of the holy beholder, and you will see things differently. You will hold hope in your heart. You will stand for your principles. You will know your own divinity. You call forth sometimes the most horrendous challenges according to the way the world would judge things, and yet, because of your seeking, your searching, and your finding, you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you know that you are that Light.

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Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas October 23, 2011 ========================================================

The energies are beginning to rise further with greater tempo and intensity. It is indeed a time of ever grander alignment and an upgrading of these quite awe inspiring energies that we are so blessed to be part of in these most momentous times that we call 'ascension.' There are moments when the sheer lightness that prevails tends to make one quite dizzy and quite 'high flying' as the continual deluge of highly graded light particles are now manifesting with a progressiveness and most positive pursuit. There is nought to fear yet much indeed to be truly grateful for as we pray align with these spirals of radiance and of such 'pregnant fertility' that portent even more to follow in it's wake. Wonder filled are the mighty heavens as 'energy streaming' are in close proximity of these magnificent inputs that are ours to behold, love and embrace, as we bathe in this gift or even veritable manna from heaven.

Magnificent it is as the assured highlighting inputs herald indeed the rebirth of new days and the new beginnings that we are awaiting and vibrantly invoking with the utmost patience and much controlled expectancies. We are born to live in these mesmerizing times as we are indeed blessed to have this front row observation seat where we may view all with wide open eyes and even greater wide open hearts and impassioned  souls. There will be much celebrating and back slapping in the years ahead as we return our gaze 'backwards' to these now times in this vector of life and persuasion. "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" is of festive prose yet it signifies greatly that which is readily, regularly occurring within our heaven worlds at this now time, once again. The hosts of angelics, directors and law-lords with the elohim and cherubim echo forth with such grand accompaniment as the choirs unite in excitement and acknowledgment of the dawn of these new days and all that they contain and signify for one and all.

11.11.11 is also realizing it's near immediate inputs and the precursors are here and now as the energies are shifting and 'rumbling' if you will, at these times or near readiness. It is indeed fact that within each and everyone's inner blueprint and DNA's lie the trigger nodes of further remembrance of these now fast appearing times. The inner realizations will fuel an opening of an incredible memory recoupment, as the portals within reflect in the portals without. These will harness so much for the benefit of each and every one, creating for the greater populace the enablement to move through these energizing and enlightening opportunities which will surely mark the way forward to the 12.12.12 which will be with us in the 'blinking of an eye!' All will be merging ever into a oneness of divine rightful expression and the universal tapestry of life enlivens all with a backcloth of magnificence and might, that inspires all and everything into ever greater climes and abundant opportunities. Life is most surely miraculous and we are the miracle makers! We are also the way showers and create magic with our wands of light and might, with ever our love and delight!

Life's way promotes ever the failing and the falling of the old and obsolete dominos that are readily beginning to fall as the tyrants or the ogre's, so to speak, have spent their unwholesome roles well. Yet now do face the assassins sword of truth, as high justice and due deserts does the universe uphold, and those dominos continue, yes, to fall one by one ad infinitum. Expelling the aged and the despots, invoking in it's place the new incoming energies, that are here to lead and to support those who work in the light, for the right and the light for all. The Oneness, for whom so many brave, bold and valiant souls have lay down their earthly lives as the ultimate gift to one and all. Let us salute with our very hearts and souls those on the many shores and main-lands of the world who are graciously exiting this level of density, to assist in the fulfilment of the greater overall divine plan. How blessed we are! The Oneness in operation and elation as the pendulum swings in universal magnificence and ever perfect synchronization.

Namaste, Aristotle

(c)2011by Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share, giving full credit to the source of these messages. Special Thanks to Lady Isis and The Light Circle Ezine

Part II will post 11/7/11