Jeshua- Message of the Day

Oakbridge University -Jeshua - Message of the Day

Beloved one, you have asked of the Father, before this incarnation and before other incarnations as well, "How can we change what is going on? How can we bring the divine love, respect, honor, understanding to the reality of humanhood?" And you have said, "I will go and do my part. As the Christ that I am, I will go and be amongst the people. I will go in the workplace. I will go with the friends and with the strangers and I will share my love. I will put my talents and abilities to work to heal."

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(from the Light Circle Ezine)

You see both the question and the answer. YOU have answered- "I will go" cause YOU are HERE! So now, be all that you came here to be. Don''t worry about who you offend, who will not like what you have to share. Share what you have to offer in and with love. This is what YOU signed up for! Now get to work!

Thanks for reading! Be Blessed Michelle