Jean and Jack the Watcher are Back!

How refreshing to open my email and see a new message from Jean - and a new picture of her and that handsome Jack! The message is timely, uplifting and required reading for anyone who is working to fight the good fight. In other words, light workers fighting for a world that benefits us all! Take the time to check out the post. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the weekend.

Here's Jack The Watcher! Jack the Watcher

Jack The Watcher - Trial By Fire

For many individuals, 2016 was a year of great cleansing. It may have been uncomfortable and, at times, nearly intolerable but you survived, did you not? The purpose was meaningful as 2016 was a year dedicated to cleansing the ego, pushing one towards higher energies. As we move into into lighter energies, one cannot carry with them the baggage the ego chooses to hold. For some, 2016 gave one a forceful yet gentle push. For others, it was a trial by fire, faced with a constant onslaught of your deepest fears until they were finally purged. Purposeful this was although painful it might have seemed, all was intended to clear the ego of energy that could not be supported in higher frequencies. We are now in the midst of global change and those on the front lines must be freed of lower energies in order to lead the charge into the future. Read more on Jack the Watcher's site. Click HERE!