Jayme's Light Blast - Receiving LOVE!

Weekly Light Blast By: Jayme Price Receiving Love It seems counterintuitive, but many have a hard time opening to receive Love. Often there was a disconnect in childhood that created a schism in the understanding of the nature of Love. All Life comes from Love. The connective force that continues Life is an experience of giving of the Self so that Life continues. You see it in nature constantly. Life releases and renews to the next cycle of Life, even decay and natural waste material feeds new life. For many, there have been situations that caused a feeling of confusion with Love as they were protected and nurtured by the parents, family and community. As a newborn, you understand the nature of God and Love, for you are fresh from deep connection prior to separation into body form. As you interpret the energetics of those around you, without language yet still acutely aware, you deal with many inconsistent energies that don’t seem to be flowing Love as you interpret the unspoken emotional and mental energy of those around you. For some it is even a physical experience of hunger, cold or abuse. It can be confusing. As you grow, you enter into a predominantly different brain wave experience that creates a forgetting of the information from very young childhood. The misunderstanding of the Truth of Love creates blockages to Receiving Love. When Love is unconsciously associated with pain, the biological system resists it. As you are open to Feeling, you are open to the data of life flowing through you as you participate and experience life fully. Quite often that takes courage, for the warriors of Light are battle weary. Open then, and Receive the Love that flows through Life for you. You are cherished beyond words and deeds. To Continue Reading this Message, go to Weekly Light Blast! Jayme offers monthly classes. I have had the pleasure of attending classes with her in the last 2 months. Her fees are VERY reasonable and what she gives BACK is amazing. Check out her other site Crystalline Soul Healing for more information!