Jayme Price - Weekly Light Blast!

Sharing yet another message about ONENESS! This is the year of the ONE - All for ONE and ONE for ALL! All Together Jayme Price Weekly Light Blast January 11, 2013 In this year of discovery of your personal flame of empowerment, you are becoming the reflection of the night sky on Earth. A stellar array of bright Lights that steer wanderers, inspire poets and tell the story of ancient times and now. You are discovering your unique Light and fearlessly shining it into the darkness in ways that will even be seen lightyears from now. You as an individual (in-divine-dual-ity) are understanding the true depth of your Love, your treasure, your Light. It is through this path of Light that others learn to shine. It is through this path of Light that you have distilled your own soul to an ever brighter radiance. It through this path of Light that you have found your courage to dive deeper into the depths of dysfunction to find solution (soul-evolution) for the ills of man. As you look around, you may not see everyone shining brightly yet. But watch, dear wayshower, for the dawn is breaking and the dark always yields to Love within the flow of Time. To finish reading this encouraging message from Jayme, please visit her site: Weekly Light Blast