Jayme Price July Crystalline Soul Healing

Thanks for reading! Michelle July 2012
July is a month of moving deeper into global consciousness, becoming the family of humanity - preparing us for galactic consciousness. July feels as if it is going to push and stir change, which has been a general theme for 2012, but intensified in this month. As a Lightworker you are a shining example of the peace that passes all understanding. You are also a master of the unseen, the connection of Love that resides in every situation, awaiting activation to provide healing and empowerment for all. Love is the unseen force that bonds life into new form; free because Love accepts, excited because Love propagates. July will test your patience, acceptance and holding to the vision in your heart. It will be a month of global and personal change. While it has potential to feel disruptive, your peaceful heart opens a doorway to grace that allows the experience to shift into alignment more easily and rapidly. Your work will be to maintain that focus and push the boundaries of your Love and Creative Power to new heights as the meek begin to inherit the Earth. July is a turning point, though it may not seem like it yet from physical view. Though it will have its challenges, many will be called into living the choice of their heart. What begins as scary becomes exciting with perspective. Lightworkers focus the now into its creative potential, uniting through sovereign hope. Keep your hope alive, take the wheel and enjoy the ride!

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