Jack the Watcher

For those who are following Jack and Jean, here is the latest message. I for one am so glad those headaches are gone. Since I only get migraines (which are far worse), the headache was both painful and aggravating. Got tired of popping pills on the daily, so I just dealt with them. Have not had one since the weekend. My other thought was with all the ferocious energy hurled at the Philippines this weekend, could that have assisted in breaking down all that heavy and toxic energy? Just a question. Would LOVE some feedback! Here is the message from Jack the Watcher Click the link above to see the post on Facebook. Love to Everyone! I don’t know about all of you, but I am sooo happy that Mercury has finally loosened the leash. Personally, I barely survived his reign. I had awful headaches, fatigue, and emotions erupted from the depths of my being that I didn’t even know were there. In addition, I daily experienced depression and dark emotions that rocked me to my core. With that being said, I am now feeling rejuvenated as the darkness is fading rapidly and we are emerging into a New Dawn that we all helped to facilitate. Here’s Jack… As I mentioned, many time lines, or tracks were closed and new ones have been opened and activated and this was due to the pain that you released. These new time line tracks are ones that are more closely aligned with not only your greatest potential, but that of humanity. You as a species are evolving, become crystalline. It is important to keep in mind that you are a trailblazer, cutting a clear path so that others can easily follow behind. This translates into you jumping ahead of the pack far earlier than those around you. Be patient with those close to you as it will take them a little longer to follow in your footsteps. Forcing them, becoming impatient with them, or dragging them along will not serve their highest good or yours. Instead, allow them to follow along at their own pace and time. Patience. Worry not about the growth of others and instead focus on your own growth and allow others to follow as they will. If their path is not in alignment with yours they will fall away and you need not be concerned about their journey. If they are meant to follow along with you, they will although not as quickly as you would like. Again, Patience is the mantra of the moment. I applaud all of you for persevering through the energy of the most recent cosmological energies. The energy of the Dingo assisted you in this quest. Love and Light, Jack, The Watcher