Imagine a World with Dragons!

Being the open minded nutcase that I am, I would love a world where I could see fairies, elves, dragons and unicorns. Why not have these lovely creatures adding to the joy of being alive and showing us exactly how it is to be done. Just a dream from long ago, but what if? Thanks for reading! Michelle Lady Ifegena: The Entire Dragon Realm Looks Lovingly To You Through EnnKa 9/29/2012 October 6, 2012 ====================================================== My beloved people of Earth, I want to talk to you again today. Last time I told you that I have laid a golden egg, and that it is female. The Mother Goddess has chosen a beautiful name for my daughter. She will be called Epirose, that is Sirian meaning Divinity. My daughter is thriving, but needs a little more time to hatch, it will be late in the year when humanity ascends. Epirose will be the guardian of the new human society. This is Prime Creator's will for you, as in earlier times, a certain dragon was selected as the guardian of your planet and humanity. It is a great honor for me that my daughter was assigned to that. We have increased the amount of energy that we send to Earth once again. You make such great progress in your development, so that our energies can not hurt you. Your bodies continue to transform and can accommodate more and more energies than ever before. We are watching this very closely and adjust our energies at the time. We love you so much my loved ones and it gives us so much pleasure to see, as your light is getting stronger. Your consciousness is evolving and love is the dominant power on your beautiful planet. The entire Dragon Realm looks lovingly to you, even longingly, as you know that the Dragons once lived on Earth. It was a tactical advantage of the dark side to have us dispelled from Earth, so that we could not keep them from harming and oppressing you. When they dispelled us, your guardians and protectors, they had the door open and they could carry on their undisturbed dark game with you. Those days have come but to an end since the light and love have won on a broad front. With Epirose Earth and its humanity will get back their guardian. Just please forget the stories and tales of evil Dragons. They are an invention of the dark side in order to apply you against us and to ultimately dispell us from Earth. Few eggs and Dragons were saved and it took a long time for us to recover. My daughter and other Dragons can only return to the earth when they are welcome, if you have no more fear of us. In your own interest, you should put your fear of us away, even the fear of all the other creatures that you know only from your tales and legends: trolls, fairies, gnomes, dwarves, and elves . Where the elves provide the largest group of humanoids on Sirius and in the old days visited the earth with their ships regularly and have been in contact with you. Today elves live as Starseeds among you in human form. They are helping you to enhance the light and love on earth. All your fable and fairy tale creatures have really lived on earth or visited her regularly. The dark side has transformed the knowledge into stories and their own misdeeds attributed to us. The truth will be revealed in the end and not only we dragons, but also the other creatures, we are already looking forward to a great future together with you. To a peaceful coexistence like in bygone times. As always, I bring you the greetings and love of the Dragon Realm. I am Lady Ifegena, the blue dragon lady from Sirius. Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author's name and the link to the original site is given.