Hurricane Irene-Blessings and Challenges!

Hello, Made it through the weekend. The challenge was no electricity (only 2 days, we were very fortunate), the blessings were many. So here is a list: Tree fell on my roof. No idea WHAT the damage would be until the tree was cut and removed The FIOS cable is what caught the tree, keeping if from crushing my fence, roof and into my bedroom (where I was in bed praying @ 3am) My cousin let us hang at her house, she never lost power and told us we were welcome as long as it took to get our lights back on. Our pets spent the night in the house with 2 light candles- yes I know the dangers, but I did "ask" before we did it- my answer was it would be ok. My neighbor still had lights, and she let me keep my frozen food in her freezer, which just happened to be empty.

The rain started around 2pm. Picked up around 5pm. Steady, hard rain. The wind did not pick up till after midnight. By the time 3am rolled around, it was really blowing. Knowing how huge the trees are in my part of time, I not only prayed to God, but also my angels. Then I called in ArchAngel Michael for backup. Not one MINUTE later, the tree fell.

When we could finally see outside, the branches from the tree were about a foot from my bedroom window. The canopy of the tree covered my roof from the kitchen to my daughters room.

I spoke to my daughter who had called to see if we were ok. She told me she was awakened by the wind blowing and looked outside to see things blowing around. Remembering the trees around the house, she started to pray for our safety around 2:30am-even before I started.

We were not "allowed" on the street until early Sunday afternoon, after we were warned our fence (metal) and anything else in the area that was metal may be "electrified."

So, when we packed up and left, we were very careful not to touch anything!

When I got home Monday, the tree crew was already here. When the debris was removed from the roof, there was no damage- a couple of shingles got messed up. That was ALL!

Glad to be back. Hope you all fared well in the last most eventful week!

Stay blessed and stay in the light! Now more than ever, it is important to keep your wits about you. More is on the horizon. Please get yourself together so you can help others.

Thanks for reading!