How is "Release" Impacting You?

This will be short and sweet. How IS Release Impacting your life? Can you tell it is in progress? What kinds of dreams are you having? How do you feel when you awaken each morning? I ask these questions because my dreams have been the major way my release has impacted me. The other impact has been a definite uptick in migraines (since I rarely get a headache). These migraines have been lingering, I take my meds, they seem to go away but the next afternoon, back again. My other main release has been dreams. I have had dreams for months in which thousands of people are participating. Group activities, schools, just loads of people. Most of whom I do not know. The morning of October 19, 2013 the energy was so heavy, I could actually feel it while I was dreaming. Just heavy weight. As I awaken, I felt it lifting, getting lighter and lighter. By the time I was fully awake I felt as if I had lost 10 pounds (yeah)! Many of us have been here many, many times before and have much to release. Please ask your angels to mitigate your release for you. If and when possible, have that release take place during your sleeping hours. Hang in there. Thanks for letting me share! Namaste