How Do You Stay Silent In The Face of Tragedy?

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King, Jr. The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict. Martin Luther King, Jr. I also added a Message from Matthew - see below!

I have purposely stayed offline since Friday. I knew the media fest would be obsessive and non-stop. The bare minimum of details is all I needed to know. I have avoided TV, the news channels online and the radio. I tried to watch the Ravens game, yet another tragedy, but on a lesser scale. This tragedy surpasses all the insanity that this country now represents. Rampant hatred, fueled by the selfish and the greedy. I KNEW the first excuse would be "mental illness" but really, by now - that is an EXCUSE. It does not excuse what happened or the fact that so many families have had their children taken away - in an act of violence that has shocked the world. Wake the fuck up! This is not normal, it is not acceptable and NOW is the time to make some changes. While I grieve with the parents, families and loved ones near and far, changes must be made and made now. How many more children need to be gunned down in the streets? How many in our schools. As a black parent, we know all to often the tragedy of gun violence. It appears that individual acts of violence don't really "count." Especially when the victims are young black men. However, I believe we are counting now. Counting How MANY MORE. It all comes down to a disinterest in fixing or enforcing our gun control laws. When you add guns to the hateful climate in which we now exist, this will keep on happening. Does it have to affect you personally before you stand up and scream ENOUGH? Thanks for reading. Michelle Message From Matthew Posted December 15, 2012 by Suzanne Ward With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew to speak about the recent shooting at a school in the United States. To consider this as a singular horrifying event is to miss the purpose of all those who agreed to be involved—the shooter, the little children and the adults who died, their families, the entire community. Their soul level agreement to participate in their respective roles was for the higher good of all humankind, and the participants who are in Nirvana are rejoicing about the agreement's success. The massacre's profound message, now ingrained in the collective consciousness, is that the human heart and mind no longer can be inured to killing, killing, killing, no longer is humankind willing to endure it! The shock and grief in Newtown, Connecticut, shook the world and unified people in an outpouring of prayer for everyone affected by the tragedy. For many years the abhorrence of similar inexplicable acts of violence has been registering with increasing strength in the collective consciousness. A powerful occurrence—the shooting of those youngsters in school—was needed to solidify the collective desire into the intention to end senseless killings everywhere. And the intensity of high vibrations that are affecting everyone in your world is expanding that intention to include all preventable deaths—international wars, genocide, "legal" execution, and starvation and disease in the impoverished populace. Your extraterrestrial helpers are permitted to beam light to all souls on Earth, which increases conscious and spiritual awareness of those who are receptive, but they cannot intervene in situations that are within your ability to change if you so desire. You have the ability and desire to prevent deaths due to those aforementioned causes. Now that there also is the collective intention to do so, you shall see killing and life-taking deprivation coming to an end and peacefulness and abundance worldwide coming to fruition. We and all other light beings throughout this universe are adding love-light to yours to help comfort all whose hearts are broken, not only in Newtown, but everywhere on Earth where families are grieving for loved ones who have been killed. Love is the key to healing your whole world. _______________________ LOVE and PEACE Suzanne Ward