How Do You Self Medicate?

Cannot even get out of the week without another tragedy occurring. Please keep your heart and mind intact. There will be more tragedies occurring as more negativity seeks to find a way out, a way to demoralize the collective "us." My prayers, thoughts and sympathy for West, TX whose fertilizer plant exploded. Yet another thing that no one would ever see coming. Hold tight to your FAITH, Love and Humanity. We need each other now! My prayers go out to the families of those hurt or killed Monday in Boston. My prayers also go out to Boston, our country and our world. We need as much light and love now as we ever have. It is so important to NOT be swept away by the media madness that follows (and will follow) all disasters as they are happening. The first thing to do when a tragedy occurs is to turn off the TV. Yes, TURN the TV off. Walk away from what has happened. Pray or meditate to send love and healing where it can be used the most. Imagine that if you were there, what words of comfort would you offer. Then send that prayer. Find things that are at your disposal to help yourself medicate. I would implore you NOT to use actual food, because there is more to come. Eating more means having less clothes you can fit and we cannot have that, can we? No, I am talking about listening to music, reading, cooking, baking or watching a movie. While I did request you not use food, baking and cooking soothes me. Especially when it is for later in the week. The media literally foams at the mouth when tragedies occur, I usually opt for an on-demand movie or cable. No commercials. I have a list of “go to movies” that always make me feel better. They are all OLD movies! Today, I watched Chronicles of Riddick. My son came in and said “You are watching that AGAIN?” When I said it was a comfort food movie, he GOT it. We all have movies and TV shows that take us to another place, a place where we would rather be. Rather than indulge in the media fest, why not just walk away? Whatever happened, will still be there tomorrow, or whenever your psyche can handle the trauma. Trust, there will always be MORE down the road. You have opened a door to be more open, loving, and “sensitive.” By removing your energy from the situation, you stay empowered and uplifted. You then have the opportunity to share from a space of love, not one of fear. Make your own list before the next tragedy occurs. Here is what I discovered this week. As I said, I have a “go to” list of movies in my repertoire. So far, since Monday, four of those movies have been on TV. Be willing to ASK for what you need – you will be amazed at the response. God loves you – so do I. Stay strong. We need your light and LOVE. Thanks for reading! Michelle