How Do You See The World?

Found this piece I wrote on July 28, 2009. That week was quite painful for me. Lots of personal loss and heartache during that time. I thought it so funny to see that even 3 years ago, I was preparing myself to write more spiritually attuned materials. Sharing with you now.

I see a world of peace, health, shared wealth and resources.

I see a world of shared responsibility, for self, family, community, country and planet.

I see boundless love, boundless joy, joy of giving, living and loving.  Where each person can find their unique place, do their part, their share and their offerings be given and  accepted in both heart felt and heart sent ways.

Children of love, light and laughter.  Their spirits filled with love, shelter, food and safety never, ever being questioned, always being a given.

For this entire world, enough for all, as there is enough for each and everyone on the planet. My prayer is for healing for the sick, prosperity for the poor, sanctuary for the afraid.  Let there be  joy, love, light, health and abundance for each and everyone.

Be Blessed in your search. Spread love, share light. You are the light of the world. It is TIME that you act as if...

Thanks for reading! Much love to you and yours.