How Do You Define Challenges?

So, this is the question I have had for the last week. The challenges presented were in every form and from every direction. Family, friends, home, business, you name and this week showed it. Believe me when I say I have not been a happy camper. For those folks who think climbing a mountain is a challenge, try living a single mom's life for a few weeks. It will make you run back to that mountain and happily get to climbing!

I have always felt I never needed any "outside" challenges- no white water rafting, no mountain climbing, no endurance races. I endure because I am here, in spite of each and every difficulty that has and will be presented to me.

My options- Give up or get to fighting back for what I know is true, for what feels true to me. Now, yes, I get into "arguments" with my angels and at times in my life have stopped talking to God, period. This week, I asked if this would be one of those times when I removed myself from active communication with God, my One Source of all.

The response was, "No, not that serious. YOU already know the answer, already feel and have felt the truth in your spirit. Just a reminder to NOT let the appearance of "things" take you from out of your space, to places where you have no business."

Sure you are right, I have been muttering to myself for several days. Last night, while laying in bed and reviewing the disaster this past week has been, here are the other questions I received: If not me then WHO? No, you only THINK you are not strong enough to handle this- see question one, AGAIN! Nope, you are not being punished! Everything is ALREADY alright! Everything has already worked out in your behalf. Not stop crying and get some rest. There is plenty of work ahead and we do not have time reviewing stuff YOU ALREADY KNOW!

So, my friends, I finally decided to "try" that embrace thing. You know, embrace the challenge, thank God for the challenge, yada, yada, yada. And yes, I embraced it with that amount of sarcasm and irritation.

You know what? AS soon as I finished with the statement of "Thank you for......" it felt as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders. In spite of my anger, my petulance, in spite of my not even being serious, I guess it was enough TO PROVE A POINT!

Thanks for reading! May your week be filled with joy and where the challenges arise, embrace them! See what happens!

Be Blessed, Michelle