How do you choose - Selfish or Divine?

Hello My Divine Reader! During a recent discussion with several friends, the point was brought up regarding how selfish our society appears to be. While there are elements of our society that believe we should ONLY look out for ourselves, I do not feel this is the majority of Americans or even a majority of people on the planet. We each do the best we can each and every day. There are many who feel that their only goal, their only function is to get as much as they can – and everyone else be damned. These are the office back stabbers, the slackers who work in the warehouse, the people who do as little as possible and steal others ideas at every opportunity. They also have been known to kiss the ass (or the ring) of the person who has the “power” in all circumstances. Then there are the people who work their asses off, every day, without thanks or gratitude from their employer, their family or their community. Many are tireless champions for thousands of causes. These people work for the common good, for the greater good of all. Living now gives us the opportunity and the OPTION to choose a better way of life, to choose a higher form of living. Only by giving, only by doing for others can we, as a people reach the pinnacles of our divine birthright. It is here, within our grasp. We have to grasp, we have to put some effort into both being and doing MORE. I see my current options to be or not to be- a divine woman. I do have my moments of anger, rage and despair. Who doesn’t? I also KNOW better. So when I choose to be unhappy, I recognize it is me, making the CHOICE to be unhappy. Willfully and with intent. Anger is a different animal all together. Anger rushes upon you, catching you off guard and out of your normal “mind. Anger gives you mere seconds to choose your response, but choosing is indeed what you do. Being unhappy is just not my normal frame of mind. I love being happy, living in and with joy. I enjoy making other people happy and keeping a smile on their face. That is my personality, that is one of the things I bring to this lifetime. So when I choose to be unhappy, I am very aware it is a choice. Usually, something will happen that will cause a giggle or belly busting laughter. Most of the time it is something silly that I have done or seen. This is where my angels come in. They send me all kinds of signs to get me back on track. We see more when we are open to receiving more. So, yes, I will still have my rants and my rages. I will because I am human. I also am aware of what my choice actually IS. I appreciate your presence and your reading of my posts. Stay strong and stay in the light! Michelle