How Diversity Increases Tolerance

I am a New Yorker, born and bred. Like most New Yorkers, I accept that the world, just like New York is made up of all different kinds of folks. My immediate neighborhood comprised people who spoke Spanish, Yiddish and English. I never assigned a “color” but defined people based on the language they spoke. Living among people different than me gave me a wider perspective on the world and my place in it. When you only see people like you, the ability to accept and tolerate other cultures diminishes. A person with this limited ability to “see” more than their surroundings is further handicapped when they also do not read books. Reading opens up an entirely different world than the one in which you live. Most people read for pleasure, and in that pleasure can discover – the world. While my very simplistic view on life may not apply to everyone, here is some more food for thought. Every person is unique and special. Most bigots are exactly alike. While the bigotry may be class, color, creed or religion, most bigots are closed minded individuals who do not grasp that God loves Everyone. That GOD is Love, just love and only love. That no matter how often you go to church, if you are hell bent on sending others to hell, well, let’s just say you missed the boat, and the message. Ms. Diahann Carroll said on Master class Sunday, her mother told her that bigots were people who really, REALLY hated something about themselves, but were too cowardly to admit or change whatever that is. To make their life better, they blamed others, with hate for whatever ailed them. Really profound message to give a six year old child. I remember growing up in Bermuda and having some white brat shout out the word “Nigger” at me. Now, coming from New York, that was not a word I heard often, though I knew what it meant. I shouted back “Ain’t NO Niggers Here, YOU need to go back HOME!” I have always felt New York City is the center of the universe! So, here are props to the people of New York. Now if only the New York Police Department could catch up… Thanks for reading! Michelle I am adding the Daily Word from June 20th to this post, because it expands on the point I was making above. Try the DAILY WORD, every day! I am loving it, once again! World Peace Daily Word Thursday June 20, 2013 PEACE ON EARTH BEGINS WITH ME Words from a familiar hymn remind me that I play an important role in contributing to world peace: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” My first job is to treat myself with love and compassion. As I forgive myself and release the need to be perfect, I become less judgmental toward others. As I accept myself and others, I begin to acknowledge and appreciate new perspectives. I appreciate the rich diversity of individual differences. While we may express differently in our appearance, views, likes, and dislikes, we are interconnected. We are one. By opening my heart to acceptance and appreciation, I contribute to world peace. May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one another, in accordance with Christ Jesus.—Romans 15:5