Home- What is YOUR Definition of Home?

Hello! We all have our own definition of home. It can be as basic as the place you lay your head or as complex as the people who grew you to adult hood. It need not be a “place” at all, just the feeling of safety and security that comes with the word home.

For those who “home” does not denote safety, security and acceptance, allow me to explain why it need not be a place.

Home is where you are secure, where people love and accept you for yourself. ANYWHERE you can find this unconditional love can be considered home.  I have been blessed in life to have several places where I felt at home, in addition to the home where I lived. Growing up, I took those things for granted.

Now older (and hopefully) wiser, I realize what a gift those families gave all of us to allow us into their homes, feed us, chastise us when necessary and encourage us at all times. We did not have locked doors, then, so walking in and yelling out “it’s Michelle” was all that was needed. And this was in Baltimore City in the early 70’s!

So, thank you Ms. Rita, Ma Talbert and the Wilkins. All freely allowed us to hang out in their homes. A gift indeed.

Now, I visited my birthplace- my other home Harlem, NY this on Saturday, July 23, 2011.  Harlem greeted me with open arms and an open heart.  For here, to my surprise was my original home.  I received such a strong surge of energy that it almost knocked me over.  As I went through all the things I thought it could be, one thought came through loud and clear “I was HOME” and home was welcoming my return.

I have not been to Harlem in about 25 years.  To say I was excited would be an understatement. I was ecstatic! We went for the Harlem Book Fair and of course, books are one of my favorite things.

Did not get that energy surge until after I ate. Good thing, as I think it would have floored me! I felt lifted off my feet, like I was floating. I had to touch, hold on to things to keep grounded.  This morning I went over all the “physical” things it could have been. The answer was negative to all of them.

Finally, I asked was it an energy surge- The answer I received was not only was it an energy surge,  it was an energy surge I could ONLY have gotten by being at HOME, the place of my physical birth.  My being on the streets I used to walk as a child activated something in my soul that recognized and reached out to home base.  It was a truly humbling and awe inspiring experience.  I went alone, but hung out all day with a teacher from DC name Karen.  My gratitude to her, she did not leave me and kept an eye on me just in case!

I say all of this to share my experience, but let you know we ALL deserve a HOME where we are loved, welcomed and appreciated JUST AS WE ARE!  If you did not get that growing up, it is not too late to find that space- friends can certainly provide the exact same energy as long as you recognize that no one can give you what you do not possess in your own spirit. No one can make you feel worthy of love if YOU feel you are not.  So, time to get with the program. The new program is LOVE BASED. You must root yourself in love, and then accept nothing less from others.  For if someone feels you unworthy of love, why in the world would you need that person in your space?

Let go of ALL that no longer serves you. Be brutally honest with YOURSELF regarding your relationships and how they make you feel.  If they do not fill you with joy, thank them for what they have brought to your life, release them from your life and MOVE ON!

I included a 2 links to the song “Home” from The Wiz.  Take a listen.  That song truly identifies what a HOME should and can BE!

Thanks for reading!



Stephanie Mills from the Broadway Musical – The Wiz As for the 2 versions, I still feel that HOME is Stephanie’s song- and she handles it oh, so well! Home

Diana Ross from motion picture -The Wiz Home