Holding On

January brought much loss, upheaval, death and despair to my family. Simply put, I have never had a January like 2013. Rolling with the punches? Not unless I felt like never, ever getting up off the floor. That is how many punches were thrown in January. Takes a lot out of you, your family and friends when every few days, yet another person has died. The dead have it easy. They have moved on, they no longer are in pain, feel despair or suffer in anyway. Those emotions are left for the living. Not going to be a long post. In spite of all the loses of January, this is still a new year. There is still much to enjoy and be grateful for. Some losses affect the rest of your life. Some of my loses will surely affect mine. I am holding on to the promise made. The promise that those who did not wish to be here were and will be granted the right to LEAVE. It appears that many are taking this exit strategy. I hold none in blame. This life is a learning curve for all who are here. Make the best of your time. Be generous, open, humble and loving. Give more than you take, but do not be ashamed to ask and take when you need. The cycle of life is a circle. What goes around indeed does come around. Be on the right side of what you have coming. Be the love you were sent here to be. Your choice, your life. Thanks for reading! Michelle Noel Pointer - Hold ON!