Hello and Welcome Spiritual Gardeners!

Welcome to Your Spiritual Garden! Wow - Everything is in flux. Changing, changing and then changing some more. You, the spiritual gardener is seeking answers. Well, all the answers are within you. What I offer is a way to express and share what is going on in YOUR part of the world. How are you contributing to the world?  What are YOU planting? Now more than ever believe that what you see is not the whole picture. I personally realize how very difficult this is and will be. Know it is for the best. YOU choose to be here, to go through the drama, the pain, the struggle and the heartache. Yet through it all, there is still sunlight, still rain and still JOY to be found, to be had for free. Are you open to BE Joy? Are YOU open to be LOVE in all - a most difficult path in a time of strife and outright HATE. Be the Light, Be the Joy, BE the LOVE. Let the haters HATE- it is what they are most comfortable with expressing. YOU want to express something different, something stronger, something that will sooth your soul. Reach out and join others who are seeking the same things. Let them be your comfort. No- I have not forgotten to use the word GOD. God is in all of us, some us just refuse to acknowledge we are all ONE.  Continue to stay in gratitude, stay prayed up, blissed up and joyful. We need that today more than ever. Peace, joy, love and gratitude for you and yours. Visit often. Stay refreshed and take care of YOU - so your garden will GROW!

Much Love, Michelle