Happy ThanksGiving To You!

While all is not well in the world, today we take the time to share ThanksGiving. Thank God for all the blessings as they flow. Thank God for all who made it through, and for those who are no longer with us. Give thanks for your family and friends. Take the time this week to reach out to those you have not spoken with for a while. Your smallest gesture could mean the world to someone who needs to hear a WORD of encouragement, of support, of being remembered. So many people feel both alone and lonely. Your calls, cards and emails will brighten their day! Thanksgiving My neighbor just bought me some Cool Whip. A very small gesture, but she heard me when I said I had forgotten to buy some and had NO intention of heading back to the store. God Bless you Elmyra! My whole family says Thanks! Thank You for being on this journey with me and millions of others in search of a better world for each of us. Happy Thanksgiving!