Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Birthday ASHLEY LOUISE! Happy Thanks Giving and Happy Hanukkah! The Holiday Season is Officially HERE!!! In giving thanks we find our way to light the path for another day Our hearts are eternally grateful, and gratitude is the gift we share no matter the journey, no matter the strife we have but one destination in life To be One with all is the reason for existing. Love is the glue, the binding, the heart. If we all just remember, life would not be so harsh. We all end up where we are meant to be, in the time and fashion of our destiny. Give thanks today and every day. For it is only in gratitude that we find our way. My gratitude to you for joining me on this never ending journey of spiritual awakening. Detours are the norm, not the straight or the narrow. Judge not another’s path because you have not had the fortune to walk in that person’s shoes. We each do the best we can in all circumstances. Cut yourself and others some slack. Be willing to give that which you desire for yourself. For that is the way we can each SEE we are all the same, we are in this together, we are indeed all ONE! During this holiday season, please ask yourself "How Can I SERVE?" Namaste