Happy Saturday!

What an amazing week this has been. So many small and large pieces clicking into place. Seeing, hearing and feeling blocks being released. Long held beliefs are fading away. Long held animosity - no longer important. There are times to rest and time to work. While this week appeared to be a "working" week, in reality it was resting for what will come. Take stock of what is going on in your life, right this second. Just stop and reflect on where you were spiritually last month, last year or five years ago. Growth is the key, without growth there is only stagnation. Which are you doing? How are you participating? ARE you participating and if not why NOT? You are the only person who can share what you came here to share. ONLY YOU! Stop sitting on the fence and get into the game. WE NEED ALL PLAYERS ON THE FIELD! Yes, I am yelling - I want you to PLAY! Enjoy your weekend. Namaste