Happy Mother's Day

Hope you and yours have a wonderful mother's day. If your mom has passed on, remember her loving touch and gentle words. I will miss all of my moms that are no longer with us, but appreciate this day for what it is - another day. Be blessed. Michelle Jayme Price - Weekly Light Blast Being Present To be present in the now moment, you need merely allow your attention to follow the data that is presented to you. You have emotional, physical and mental reactions to all that you are experiencing. As you perceive the data that is in your experience, your mind culls the previous data through all lifetimes and compiles it so that choice can be made. When you do not let the fear of the past or future dominate, you have access to new choice or new information. You are constantly making choice even if you choose inaction. Your awareness and your ability to perceive the data in your now moment IS Being Present. It effects all that you do and all that you are being. Please continue this message at Jayme Price - Weekly Light BLAST!