Happy Love Yourself Day!


“If love is universal, no one can be left out.”

~ Deepak Chopra

Today is Valentine's Day.What if you have no Valentine? What then? Well, that is why I call it Happy Love Yourself Day! While I love all the trappings of Valentine's Day, it would be of no real use to me if I did not feel love for and with my OWN self.

No one can give to you that which YOU do not possess. It is why the "I need someone to complete me" theory does not work. While it may appear to work, it is based on the fallacy that you, yourself is not enough.

You are enough in every second of every day. God loves you, which makes you a perfect specimen.  So what if you are not part of a couple. This gives you freedom to do as you choose with no one to check in with or questions to answer.

Take advantage of this time if you are single. It is precious time indeed! When you have children, you still have very little "me" time.  If you are part of a couple, what you get is not as important as what you GIVE and the energy behind your giving.

Just saying, take it light - either way. Enjoy today and every day cause you are blessed to be here.

I will be taking a break from the blog this week. Have to move a site from one hosting company to another and it is REALLY work! I am learning (yup, learning) an entirely new system and for the 1st day my brain just would not cooperate.  Got it back together now, but need to focus. What I have found out is that with Writing,  I can only do ONE thing at a time.

Be blessed!  See ya next week.

Much LOVE!