Happy JUNE!

My celebration starts today. It is official! FINALLY, summer is here (or at least I think so). This year has been BRUTAL. So much loss, so many of my best friends now gone. Makes me wonder why the hell am I still HERE, on this hateful planet in this time and space. While I am struggling to do my best to uplift others, sometimes it feel more like work than joy. That aside, I am getting my reading skills back. Took a well needed time out, and will really be relaxing and enjoying the summer. Will still post as relevant, just not WORKING! Feel free to browse through. There is so much info shared, I could really take the whole summer off! Be Blessed and thanks for reading! Michelle Today's Daily Word Joyful Saturday June 1, 2013 This is a good day, a joyous day. I begin this day in a good mood. This is a great day, a joyous time to be alive. Every day can start this way when I remember the Psalmist’s words: “Joy comes with the morning.” Yesterday’s disappointments have no power to cloud today. I can enjoy this new day; I can do my best; I can think creative thoughts; I can spread peace and goodwill wherever I go. Spending a few moments in prayer early in the morning sets the tone for the hours to come. When I become still, listen, and let my thoughts and feelings be Christ-directed, I ensure that it will be a good day. As I go about my activities, I have a spring in my step, a song in my heart, and a smile on my face. I am in a good mood, joyful, and expectant. In the morning sow your seed.—Ecclesiastes 11:6 The Daily Word