Happy JOYOUS 2012!

Hello Dear One! "Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New Ring, happy bells, across the snow... Ring out the False, Ring in the TRUE!"

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

2012 is here. I wonder if there is anyone else out there who is feeling an insane level of joy?? Just asking, and would really love to know. I have been oh, so, Happy - for no reason AT ALL since Christmas. It has been building and building. Almost out of control.

Just feel JOY!  Singing, dancing (my version), "acting the fool", and loving it.

So, Happy, Joyous 2012 to you and yours. So glad to have your company on this JOURNEY! May it be ever blessed, with every step. Now is the time when you take a step and your Angels and Guides take many more toward you- You Step, They will RUN! So, get out of your own way. Claim your space, claim your time. Take back your life and reach out to give, to share and to love.

Stacey and the Ground Crew from Blooming Humans have a New YEAR, Blooming Human Adventure starting today, Sunday January 1, 2012.

Feel free to check out and sign up at:


Enjoy today- Thanks for Reading, Sharing and Expanding!

In 2012- Vow to do MORE! Then just do it!

Much Love,