Happy Chanukah

Happy Chanukah! Bring the joy of the season into your homes. Share with loved family and friends. What little I know is the lighting of the Menorah and it is also  called the Festival of Lights.

So, for my Jewish readers- appreciate your readership. Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY! Should you have any other additional info to add- please feel free.

Also added a message from Kaballah.com Please read, research and enjoy the message.

Thanks for sharing your light with us!


Yehuda Berg   Daily Tune Up

“Greed to Share”

Saturday December 10, 2011

Many centuries ago it was written that 2,000 years would pass before the raising of human consciousness to a new level of awareness would become possible. That moment has finally arrived.

We can now bring about a better reality, provided enough of us participate in the global transformation from greed to sharing, and every person counts.

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