Grown Up or Not?

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." E.E. Cummings I once asked my neighborhood “mom’” when I would “grow up.” She just shook her head, smiled and said “Baby, some of us never grow up.” I was 25 at the time, and thought I was grown but I have never been that stuck in the mud, dull, boring “old” person. Not then and sure as hell not know. It is just not in my nature to allow myself, my mind, body or spirit to become stale and stagnant. What I did not know then is being “grown up” is a society norm that demands that each and every one of us act the same way. That we all get jobs that we all “acquire” certain material things to be considered grown. Well I got the house and the car and yet, “grown up” is still not my definition of me. Perhaps it is because I still do not fit society’s standards for what an adult is. I refuse to cooperate with the powers that be who want to define me by what I have, who I love or what I do for a “living.” I am a free spirited, spiritual being, living a joyful (mostly) blessed life. Being able to appreciate this as my truth – this is my definition of growing up to become who I really am. I consider myself a lightworker and warrior for truth, in all its messy forms and fashions. I am holding on to me, the real me in defiance of what society dictates. And loving it! Namaste By:Michelle D. Smith