Gratitude IS A Choice

Very little of what I need has materialized this month, and yet I choose gratitudegratitude. VERY LITTLE! To say I am a bit irritated would be an understatement. Until yesterday, I was both pissed and depressed. But to what ends? It does not help the situation. The situation is WHAT IS. I can choose to stay pissed or just do what I have always done, the best I can. So, today, I pray for grace and strength. Grace to mitigate the circumstances, strength to not slit my wrists while I am waiting. Okay, not really going to slit my wrists, but there are and have been times when life seems more challenging than it needs to be. In fact, I wonder if the challenges are just TESTS that I fail miserably time and time again because I do STILL get pissed, I do STILL feel anger, frustration and disappointment. I DO! In spite of the nothingness, today I am happy and grateful. There is still one more week left in this month. One week for me to turn my world around. Gonna concentrate on the possibilities, not the limitations. Going to work with what I KNOW is true and not worry about situations that MAY occur. Gonna work with WHAT is as opposed to worrying about what is NOT. Gonna focus on Gratitude and let God work out the rest. We all get to choose how we view our lives, challenges and delights. This is my choice for today – what is yours? By:Michelle D. Smith ATTRIBUTE: This picture is from FLICKER listed under Gratitude! HH Logo Header - Design