Graceful Flow- Are You Getting Into Yours?

Hello! Want to spend this time relating my adventures in Baltimore this past Sunday.  I was scheduled to attend a class in Hampden @ Breathe Books. Now, since I share a car, I took the MTA Mobility bus. Very good service for those of us who need a little extra help getting around.  Got to the store with about 10  minutes to spare. Upon walking across the porch, I felt for my cell.

Instant panic! I had left the phone on the bus. So, rushing into the store I blurted out "Does anyone have a phone I can use?" Immediately, three ladies reached for their bags. That by itself slowed me down and made me smile.

On young lady walked over to me, dialed the number and let me call MTA. Upon getting an answer, I explained I had JUST got off the bus, and was missing my phone.  She put me on hold for a long time (11 minutes), but when she came back on she told me the driver had the phone and I could pick it up at the Lost and Found.

A little frazzled, thinking of LOGISTICS,  I asked her to hold on while I set down my purse to write the number down. By the time I was ready, she advised the driver was bringing my phone back to me. YES, was my first elated thought. That was exactly the outcome I had desired!

By not "demanding, ordering or screaming" my best outcome played out, in stages but certainly to perfection.

The positive energy and atmosphere of Breathe Books was stage 1. The fact that I was in Breathe Books and the clientele it attracts was stage 2. The immediate response to assist was stage 3. The driver taking her time to bring back my phone was stage 4.

I gave the driver some money for lunch and thanked her for her kindness.  The class- well that never happened. So, while my class was cancelled, I had an almost perfect day. I even found some Baklava!

I shared all of this to say we are living in the graceful flow right now! You have to be willing and open to change, to allow for love's grace to actually work within your life.

It is waiting to assist you now more than ever before. Stop forcing, stop "making". Just allow, just BE!

Thanks for reading!