Grace Under Pressure

The most difficult thing to handle is death of a loved one. It is what you do with that pain, that loss that can both build and define both your character and your destiny. When you refuse to do what you most want (curl up under the covers and cry, sleep, be alone, etc), when you commit to doing the hardest thing you can imagine, you show others how to cope and live your faith. Last night, I saw one of the bravest young man, our Baltimore Raven Wide Receiver Torrey Smith play the game of his life. Losing his brother, the brother he helped raise had to be a level of pain reserved for parents losing a child. Yet, and in spite of, he wanted to play. He played with the blessings of his family, his team, his city, and it appears this football nation. Personally, I did not know how he would do this. I did understand WHY he wished to play. I commend Coach Harbaugh on letting the decision be this young man’s to make. The sheer level of love and support in the stadium was tangible, even if you were not there. I cried when I saw him on the sidelines, wondering how in the world he would play. But play he did. He led our team to victory. Win or lose, he played with heart, gusto, love and through his pain. Thank you Mr. Torrey Smith. You have shown us what God’s love really looks like. It looks like grit, it never, ever quits and through all the challenges, it will triumph. God Bless you, your family, loved ones and all you hold dear. May your angels’ give you comfort and please let those who offer you comfort help as they can. You are a hero in Baltimore. You showed us all what Play Like A Raven really means! Thank you!