Hello, Grace is a blessing- freely bestowed upon us. I needed this RE-Minder today  myself. Mis-communications with our phone company had me without a phone for about an hour. While I railed, ranted and (attempted) to berate my angels, my niece calmly called our cell phone provider, explained our need for our cell phones and they turned the phones back on- with NO payment. WHAT? When Ashley called me, I looked at the phone thinking- how is she calling? So, she told me what she had accomplished.

So, then I tried my hand at getting the reconnection fees waived. After all, their csr had wrecked my checking account this month by taking what should have been a payment arrangement for the 1st week of August and debiting from my account the full balance the end of July. After reviewing my account- the rep agreed to waive the fees as a "courtesy" So, I am grateful for that.

While we still have a bill, we now have the time to pay it without ruining our finances. All in all, today has been a wonderful and productive adventure!

Thanks for reading!

*****Today Marks the 10 Anniversary of the death of Baby Girl Aaliyah! Grace, Humility, Joy, Love and Light in Action!  I still miss her talents and would "could" have been!*****

Today's Daily Word was "GRACE" which I saw in action today!


Today's Daily Word
Thursday, August 25, 2011
The grace of God is upon me.

The grace of God enables me to meet every challenge and condition comfortably and with ease. I am no longer apprehensive, because the grace of God fills me with assurance that all is well. I rely on divine strength, wisdom and guidance--even beyond what I ask or seek--to see me through any difficulty. It is God's grace that supplies my every need.

The grace of God is upon me. I am free from worry, discord or discontent. I am free to be loving, kind and happy. I am free to enjoy life fully. Through the grace of God, I am gracious as I find my way through life's ups and downs. The grace of God is upon me, now and forever.

Let us therefore approach the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.--Hebrews 4:16