Good News, Bad News and Faith

I could have called the post Gloom, Doom and the Main Stream Media. However, I decided to change the title to Good News, Bad News and Faith. We are being bombarded with how WRONG the world is. Instead, I ask that you step back, reflect and acknowledge all the Good there is, right now in your community and our world. Good News is here! The last month or so has been brutal, energetically. It feels as if all the negative happenings in the world are being force feed to us by the main stream media. Please do not feed the negativity by giving in to despair, anger (although justifiable) or apathy. There is something you can do and that something is to have Faith that all is not what it appears to be and look for the Good everywhere and within everyone. There are so many people with good hearts doing amazing things Now, very few of which are ever reported on a daily basis. Our local Channel 2 News has made a point to include a good news story every day. Most days it is local, but when it is not local, they STILL include a great story to let us know how much GOOD News there is in the world. Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to buckle down, share your light, your love and your wisdom with our world. We need you to be enlightened, to remain uplifted and to show others that Good, Love and Light not only still exist but are expanding. I will share just two stories I have received in the last month or so. Lemon Aid was a fund raiser given by a groom who decided he and his bride would not be getting married. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he rationalized since the reception was paid for, he would sell tickets to assist a local charity called Surgicorps (which incidentally assist children around the world). It sold OUT! In India, a 15 year old girl responsible for helping her family designed a washing machine that requires no electricity. This budding engineer build the machine with the back part of a bicycle, a water tight container and a lot of ingenuity. Now, her younger siblings can wash the clothes while she attends to other chores. They take turns peddling the “bike” to agitate the clothes during the wash and rinse cycles. I subscribe to an ezine called The Daily Good. Book mark it to read when you are feeling despair or depressed. Need I say more? Please share this Good News with others. You never know when well timed phone call, text or email will and can lift the spirits of another. BE Encouraged, Be Blessed and Spread the Good News! Namaste