Good Friday!

I love Good Friday. Growing up in Bermuda the celebration of Easter week was taken quite seriously. While I was too young to understand everything, the message of Good Friday was clear. Jesus the Christ died for our sins. He ascended to heaven to show us we live eternally in the grace of God. WE as in ALL of us, have Grace given to us by God and declared as TRUTH by Jesus. Jesus is the way-shower, for he showed us the way, the path and the light into being and living our highest spiritual selves. Most of that information has been removed from the Bible. We each can do miraculous things. We have the God given power, inherent in us all. The fact that so many people believe we need an emissary, a middle man to access God is wrong. YOU can call on God directly. When you are still, at peace and OPEN to receive, you will hear him speak quite clearly. I say "him" although I believe God would defy gender, I also know the voice I hear is male. He is also considered our true "father." So, even the fatherless amongst us, in reality HAVE A FATHER, shared by ALL. Good Friday morning was spent flying the kites my Grandpa would bring home on Thursday evening. He never brought them early, I think the excitement of seeing them would have been too much for my sister and me to handle. We would get up early. We lived on a hill above the beach so getting the kites into the air was easy work. To this day, when I go to Bermuda and hear the humming of kite strings, I can find the kite in the sky. Brings me wonderful memories of hot cross buns baking, the smell of cinnamon and raisins and the feel of the wind and the sun on our faces. Looking back, I think my Grandpa, Aunt Merle and Aunt Agatha enjoyed this as much as we did. All of the other children were grown and gone. They had our excitement, noise and laughter to keep them young for another few decades! Thanks for sharing in my Good Friday memories. Make a few family traditions of your own to share with your children - so they too can REMEMBER! My mom will be baking hot cross buns today. Best believe I will be there waiting for them to come out of the oven. So sorry I have no kite to fly! Be blessed and enjoy this most Holy Day. Michelle