God Says: Come As YOU Are!

Hello, Have lots of info to share this month. So, stay tuned! Some info is broken down into parts due to the length of the presented material. I will always tell you WHEN the next part will post.

Thanks so much for reading. Knowledge is meant to be shared. God's grace is for everyone, not just a "select few." Don't be fooled by imitations. Right now, we need you, the REAL YOU to step up to the plate. No time for games, no time for sitting on the sidelines. Now is the time to DO! Do MORE!

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HEAVEN #3966 ================= God Says Now October 4, 2011 =================

God said: I hold a cup to your lips, and I say, "Drink from this cup," Yet you are busy on other matters. Take a moment. Sit near Me, and drink from the cup I offer you. This is a wonderful time We will have. Sit knee to knee with Me, and drink the nectar I offer you. Would you refuse? You would not refuse. Yet you may be in such a frenzy with other matters that you aren't aware of Me. You may even think you have to get ready for Me before I would appear before you. You may think you have to be a new improved you before I would sit down with you.

Yet I am here right now.

You do not have to kneel before Me. I invite you to sit before Me, and let Me gaze at you. Let Us gaze at each other as if We were each other. We are One, so when you gaze into My eyes, it is your eyes you are seeing.

It is all yourself, yet that is spectacularly hard for you to believe. Of course, you think you know yourself so well. You are certain there is a wide parting between us, an impasse, a gauntlet you must run, a wonder you must perform, a cleansing, a preparation, an initiation, a technique, an assignment to fulfill, a tribute to make, an obeisance and so forth. The obeisance is to sit with Me, and let Us be friends who hobnob together.

Yes, I want to hobnob with you. Is that asking so much? Apparently, it is, for you have all kinds of reasons why not just yet. You are waiting for a better you who feels worthy to sit near Me. Whether you feel worthy or not, come sit with Me, and you will soon know your worthiness. It is not so momentous as you think to sit with Me. It is the most beautiful moment of all, and yet it is not momentous. It is expected that you will sit with Me. Even if you have just come in from working in the garden, just come sit with Me. If your hands are wet from washing dishes, never mind. Just come sit with Me.

Do it for Me. You can imagine how much I want you near Me. You might say that My heart is aching for yours. You could say that, yet the fact is that your heart is aching for Mine. If you will assuage My heart, then come to Me for My sake. You will come, you know. You may come from an unexpected route, and, yet, you will come.

You may drop from the ceiling! You may climb the beanstalk! You may run up to Me. You may edge over to Me slowly. Do you think I care how you come to Me? I care that you come to Me. In fact, I say, "Make it snappy. Let's sit together and all the treasures find."

Explore Heaven with Me while you are still walking the Earth. C'mon. What do you say? Want to shake on this?

If you tremble, then come to Me trembling. If you falter, then come to Me faltering. If you stride to Me, then stride to Me. If you climb a ladder hand over fist to Me, then climb a ladder hand over fist to Me. Leap to Me. Arise to Me. Arise just means to get up and come to Me. You do not have to be a special personage. You don't have to wear a special robe. All you have to do is to come to Me. That is what I ask. Come to Me. Come to Me. Come to Me.

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