Getting My Ass Kicked in 2013 – Are you?

RIP Mr. P. All of Somerset will miss you. I will miss our conversations. While I know you are in the best place, WE still feel pretty damn sorry for ourselves today. Love You Mr. P! 2013 has proven to be the worst start of a year ever. In fact, I can guarantee had I ever had a year start like this, I would not be here. Why would I stay somewhere that is treating me as less than a stepchild, hell, right now I feel like a junkyard dog? Half starved, kicked, beaten, and then I have to listen to all the Jesus freaks tell me it will get better. You’re damn right it will get better. Sure as, BETTER is what I am looking for. Not a lot of cheer going on today. More death, more disasters and more bullshit in ONE WEEK than I have had to deal with in a decade. Guess I could say I am lucky, but I certainly don’t feel very “lucky” Nor do I feel grateful. Right now, I am just pissed off. So, my apologies to those of you looking for some inspiration. Maybe tomorrow. I will see how I feel and what I have time to do. Thanks for your time. And yes, I feel much better now. Michelle