For the Love of Children

“Your children are not your children. They are sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.” Kahlil Gibran from The Prophet Raising children is not easy and is not supposed to be. You are responsible for raising a human being; a person who you hope will be kind, loving, generous, compassionate and passionate. That is, unless you are raising a child to be selfish, self-centered, greedy, manipulative and destructive. I have no idea where the breakdown is. What I do know is my children fit the first description far more than the second. What I do know is I won’t ever have to worry about my children taking a weapon anywhere and firing upon helpless individuals. I do KNOW that I have raised my children to be respectful of their elders (even when they disagree), to understand the world does not and is NOT supposed to revolve around them, and to work for what they want, as hard as they want – or not. Children I have never saddled my children with my expectation. Like my daughter being married, or my son running a company (unless it is his OWN company). I have tried to raise them to see beauty all around, to be aware of kindness when it graces their lives and to treat people as they are treated. When a person chooses not to treat you well that means it is time to WALK AWAY! Sunday evening, my son woke me at 3am to take a look outside at the falling snow. I am so sick of snow by now that it was the last thing I felt like doing. However, he insisted. So I grumbled, put on a robe and went to the door. He was right. It was absolutely beautiful. We both stood and watched for a few minutes, he even recorded with his phone. My son was not expected home at all. However, when I asked him why he came home he asked ME – who would shovel in the morning if he was not here? Fair enough, I thought, but will there really be any snow. There was – and it did need to be shoveled. At 31, I think my son is more than ready to take his place in the world. He is getting his romantic live sorted out, he is investigating the option of working for himself and while he often does not stay at home, on nights that it snows, he makes sure he is here to shovel in the morning. He also appreciates “mother nature” in all forms. We have watched meteor showers, visited both the zoo and aquarium. I tried to show my children that what they see in Baltimore is not all there is to the world. That there is a whole planet with amazing animals, plants and natural phenomenon. It seems that all that reading, dragging them to the zoo, both local and nationally is paying off. I am so grateful to have raised a considerate, loving, kind and generous man who will make some woman an amazing husband and father. In fact, I cannot wait! Thank you God for 2 amazing children, now young adults. While both have made mistakes, they have also taken responsibility for their mistakes, a lesson many adults NEVER learn. I pray that God and their angels continue to keep them close, that they continue to pay attention the warning signs received (both have shared that often they get the “feeling” ) and they continue to act on all the guidance they receive. Thank you God for this blessing of my children. Thank you for reading. Angel Blessings! By:Michelle D. Smith